Monday, November 21, 2011

Disjointed Podcast #5 - Going to Space

We're back in action with Podcast #5, this time trying to fly high and fast, trying to reach orbit in our one hour session.

Our conversation starts up discussing something which seems to be straight out of science fiction, but maybe not so far of in the future as most might believe - space elevators.

We quickly drift off to talking about the physics of machines like this and in a very disjointed manner, quickly move to discussing about constants in physics such as the universal speed limit set by light, which Neutrinos seem to be disregarding.

We also take a small stab at explaining our views of God, or what might be perceived as God.

All in all a very tightly packed hour of elevators, physics, space and god :)

Enjoy and you can expect Podcast #6 later this week.

- The Disjointed Podcast Crew

Podcast #5

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