Friday, November 25, 2011

Disjointed Podcast #6 - Guest Dmitry

Podcast #6 is ready for you ladies and gentlemen.

This will be our second Podcast to feature a guest, who this time is our friend Dmitry.
Dmitry was great in getting the disjointed nature of our conversation cranked up and it turned out to be super disjointed!

Russian Borsch

We addressed topics from a huge spectrum, starting with Russian food, the Paris fashion show, good documentaries, universities around the world, some yoga, the occupy wall-street movement, economic system and world trade, natural resources, war in Libya, world powers, Jerusalem temple mount(Temple of Solomon), opinion V.S. point of view (comeback 2), the Pacific trash patch man made island and how it affects that ecosystem, killer waves, Wingsuit Basejumping, the Undercity documentary and last but not least; Things that make you go hmmm....

As you can see, this is as Disjointed as it comes and we will make sure to get Mr. Dmitry to join us again soon with more wicked and astonishing tales.

Wingsuit Basejump
If you don't find your cup of tea from one of these topics, do let us know what makes you tick. We'll be sure to address that in another podcast as well! :) But hopefully you'll get your disjointed serving from this! 

Look forward to Podcast #7 early next week, as we'll probably record it during the Weekend.

Hope you all have a blast this weekend!

 - The Disjointed Podcast Crew

Podcast #6

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Things mentioned in Podcast #6

So we thought we'd introduce a new system of writing about the things mentioned in Podcast, which we thought were worth sharing.

So one of the things that came up, was about the guy who's jumped just about from every tall building in the world, which led to talking about the Undercity Documentary.

This is an awesome clip about a guy going underground New York to old metro stations and the sewers and even climbing on top of one of Manhattans biggest bridges.
Check it out!

Wingsuit Basejumping

Another thing mentioned during the podcast, was wingsuit jumping. These guys are insane!

- The Disjointed Podcast Crew

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fox News having a laugh at OWS - Podcast #6 today

Disjointed is amazed at how Fox News its BULLSHIT is Covering the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Disjointed will also probably pick this subject up later today, as it is time for Podcast #6!
Our good friend Dmitry will be joining us today and we're excited to get our second guest to shoot the shit with us!

It's gonna get interesting, so remember to tune in !

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- The Disjointed Podcast Crew

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Show some support, if you enjoy listening to us!

We here at Disjointed don't want to start begging for money, but if you do enjoy listening to us, why don't you use a couple seconds of your time and click on some of the ads you can see on this page.

We can vouch there is no trickery in the ads, but it will give us a few cents every now and then if you do click them. If we ever do manage to get more than a couple cents, we will be using them to upgrade our systems with better microphones and such.

So if you like listening to us, why not listen to us in better quality and click on those ads a couple times every now and then?

- The Disjointed Podcast Crew

Monday, November 21, 2011

Disjointed Podcast #5 - Going to Space

We're back in action with Podcast #5, this time trying to fly high and fast, trying to reach orbit in our one hour session.

Our conversation starts up discussing something which seems to be straight out of science fiction, but maybe not so far of in the future as most might believe - space elevators.

We quickly drift off to talking about the physics of machines like this and in a very disjointed manner, quickly move to discussing about constants in physics such as the universal speed limit set by light, which Neutrinos seem to be disregarding.

We also take a small stab at explaining our views of God, or what might be perceived as God.

All in all a very tightly packed hour of elevators, physics, space and god :)

Enjoy and you can expect Podcast #6 later this week.

- The Disjointed Podcast Crew

Podcast #5

Disjointed Podcast #2 - Re-bloging for iTunes

Our podcast just got reviewed and accepted to the Apple iTunes Store! The thing is, it doesn't accept releasing two podcasts in one blog entry, which we did for Podcast 1 and 2.

So to make sure all Podcasts can be viewed in iTunes, I'm re-blogging Podcast #2. Please disregard this entry, if you've already listened to podcast #2, if you haven't - check it out!

- Podcast #2

In this podcast the main discussions were about:
- The world's energy problem
- The opportunities and dangers of nuclear power
- The garbage dumps done by the Western countries in Africa and Asia
- The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
- YouTube

This and a lot more. Please comment if you think we have ignored key facts or if you want us to talk about something in more detail in future podcasts!

From now on you can also directly subscribe to us from iTunes!

Stay tuned

 - The Disjointed Podcast Crew

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Disjointed Podcast #4 - Drunk cast

Hey Everyone,

After a busy weekend, we're finally coming out with Podcast #4, or maybe better called - Drunkcast #4, so a word of caution :)

The topics we touched on in this podcast were a discussion starting with how society created the need for evil to be personified, meaning how Satan was sowed in to our consciousness. From this we very disjointedly progressed onwards to talk about the origins of Christianity and how we think it is very much based on various other older religions, how it is a form of controlling the public and how Christianity was spread around.

We ended up taking a break after we got through discussing the previously mentioned subjects, but much to be attributed to beer, we forgot to turn the recording off for the break.
We ended up taking a lot off time on this break, having a moot argument about opinion vs point of view, so long in fact that other engagements prevented us from recording the second half of the podcast. What we did record during the break was still a pretty disjointed conversation, so we thought we'd share that as well!

So Part 2 of the Podcast is us not knowing we were recording and having a very disjointed and moot argument. The sound quality for part two is not the best either, but hopefully you can get something out of it!

We also met up on Saturday to create Podcast #5, which was a shorter one, due to everyone having that old Saturday night fever.
More on that later!

Hope you enjoy!

 - The Disjointed Podcast Crew

Podcast #4

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Night Podcast #4

Checking in,

After a technical failure on Wednesday, we're back today to record Podcast #4!
Should be a nice Friday evening podcast, which might turn a bit loose as the beer sinks in :)

Next week we might be moving to high quality audio, so look forward to that as well as a possible guest, but more on that later.

Remember to check us out on facebook!

 - The Disjointed Podcast Crew

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Podcast #4 scheduled for recording on Wednesday


There's been a lot of positive things happening beginning of this week to the members of Disjointed and to solemnise the occasion, it's time to get Podcast #4 on it's way on Wednesday.
So a little something for you to look forward to.

We are still actively building our whole recording set-up as well, so look forward to better audio and perhaps even some podcasts recorded with video in the not so far future. One thing is for sure, we will start doing some kind of videos about all the podcasts from now on, if nothing else than a short teaser.

If anyone has any ideas for improvement, please don't hesitate to jump over to our facebook page or twitter, to give us some feedback.
All feedback is good feedback!

- The Disjointed Podcast Crew

Monday, November 14, 2011

Disjointed Podcast #3

Hey All,

We just came out with the Podcast #3, which also had  Erik as our first guest on the show.
We started off talking about importing goodies from abroad to Finland, like Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream and quickly got deep in to the whole idea of importing and opening restaurants and such!
The last part of the podcast wasn't so deep anymore, it was more about sharing dirty stories, but should be entertaining :)

(You'll understand this picture when you've finished listening)

Let us know what you thought!

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- Disjointed Podcast Crew

Podcast #3

Disjointed Podcast clip about sustainable energy


As a teaser for Podcast #2 we created a short clip about one of the topics discussed.
You can watch the clip below. 

 - Disjointed Podcast Crew

Disjointed Podcast #1

Greetings and Salutations,

After a brief downtime we're back in action!
We got overwhelmed by listeners, as we thought our podcast would have a slower start, but our bandwidth got used up within the first couple days.

We have now found a better place to host our files and will be updating this blog as well as our facebook page, when we have new podcasts or videos coming out. You can also follow us on  our youtube channel.

On this note please help yourself to:

 - Podcast #1
In this podcast the main discussions were about:
 - Political philosophy
 - The Economy
 - The power of Money
 - Conspiracy theories

                           - Podcast #2

In this podcast the main discussions were about:
- The world's energy problem
- The opportunities and dangers of nuclear power
- The garbage dumps done by the wester countries in Africa and Asia
- The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
- Youtube

This and a lot more. Please comment if you think we have ignored key facts or if you want us to talk about something in more detail in future podcasts!

You can expect a lot more updates from now on!

Stay tuned

 - Disjointed Podcast Crew

Podcast #1

Podcast #2