Friday, November 25, 2011

Disjointed Podcast #6 - Guest Dmitry

Podcast #6 is ready for you ladies and gentlemen.

This will be our second Podcast to feature a guest, who this time is our friend Dmitry.
Dmitry was great in getting the disjointed nature of our conversation cranked up and it turned out to be super disjointed!

Russian Borsch

We addressed topics from a huge spectrum, starting with Russian food, the Paris fashion show, good documentaries, universities around the world, some yoga, the occupy wall-street movement, economic system and world trade, natural resources, war in Libya, world powers, Jerusalem temple mount(Temple of Solomon), opinion V.S. point of view (comeback 2), the Pacific trash patch man made island and how it affects that ecosystem, killer waves, Wingsuit Basejumping, the Undercity documentary and last but not least; Things that make you go hmmm....

As you can see, this is as Disjointed as it comes and we will make sure to get Mr. Dmitry to join us again soon with more wicked and astonishing tales.

Wingsuit Basejump
If you don't find your cup of tea from one of these topics, do let us know what makes you tick. We'll be sure to address that in another podcast as well! :) But hopefully you'll get your disjointed serving from this! 

Look forward to Podcast #7 early next week, as we'll probably record it during the Weekend.

Hope you all have a blast this weekend!

 - The Disjointed Podcast Crew

Podcast #6

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