Monday, November 14, 2011

Disjointed Podcast #1

Greetings and Salutations,

After a brief downtime we're back in action!
We got overwhelmed by listeners, as we thought our podcast would have a slower start, but our bandwidth got used up within the first couple days.

We have now found a better place to host our files and will be updating this blog as well as our facebook page, when we have new podcasts or videos coming out. You can also follow us on  our youtube channel.

On this note please help yourself to:

 - Podcast #1
In this podcast the main discussions were about:
 - Political philosophy
 - The Economy
 - The power of Money
 - Conspiracy theories

                           - Podcast #2

In this podcast the main discussions were about:
- The world's energy problem
- The opportunities and dangers of nuclear power
- The garbage dumps done by the wester countries in Africa and Asia
- The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
- Youtube

This and a lot more. Please comment if you think we have ignored key facts or if you want us to talk about something in more detail in future podcasts!

You can expect a lot more updates from now on!

Stay tuned

 - Disjointed Podcast Crew

Podcast #1

Podcast #2

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