Monday, November 21, 2011

Disjointed Podcast #2 - Re-bloging for iTunes

Our podcast just got reviewed and accepted to the Apple iTunes Store! The thing is, it doesn't accept releasing two podcasts in one blog entry, which we did for Podcast 1 and 2.

So to make sure all Podcasts can be viewed in iTunes, I'm re-blogging Podcast #2. Please disregard this entry, if you've already listened to podcast #2, if you haven't - check it out!

- Podcast #2

In this podcast the main discussions were about:
- The world's energy problem
- The opportunities and dangers of nuclear power
- The garbage dumps done by the Western countries in Africa and Asia
- The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
- YouTube

This and a lot more. Please comment if you think we have ignored key facts or if you want us to talk about something in more detail in future podcasts!

From now on you can also directly subscribe to us from iTunes!

Stay tuned

 - The Disjointed Podcast Crew

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