Sunday, November 20, 2011

Disjointed Podcast #4 - Drunk cast

Hey Everyone,

After a busy weekend, we're finally coming out with Podcast #4, or maybe better called - Drunkcast #4, so a word of caution :)

The topics we touched on in this podcast were a discussion starting with how society created the need for evil to be personified, meaning how Satan was sowed in to our consciousness. From this we very disjointedly progressed onwards to talk about the origins of Christianity and how we think it is very much based on various other older religions, how it is a form of controlling the public and how Christianity was spread around.

We ended up taking a break after we got through discussing the previously mentioned subjects, but much to be attributed to beer, we forgot to turn the recording off for the break.
We ended up taking a lot off time on this break, having a moot argument about opinion vs point of view, so long in fact that other engagements prevented us from recording the second half of the podcast. What we did record during the break was still a pretty disjointed conversation, so we thought we'd share that as well!

So Part 2 of the Podcast is us not knowing we were recording and having a very disjointed and moot argument. The sound quality for part two is not the best either, but hopefully you can get something out of it!

We also met up on Saturday to create Podcast #5, which was a shorter one, due to everyone having that old Saturday night fever.
More on that later!

Hope you enjoy!

 - The Disjointed Podcast Crew

Podcast #4

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